Georgia Tech offers astrobiology-related courses in a host of disciplines and departments both within and beyond the sciences. Participating departments include Earth and Atmospheric Science, Chemistry, Biology, Literature Media and Communication, Humanities, and International Affairs.

On this page, you can find current information about astrobiology course offerings at Georgia Tech.

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Introduction to Environmental Sciences (EAS 1600)
  • Habitable Planet (EAS 1601)
  • Environmental Geochemistry (EAS 4220/8803)
  • Physics of Planets (EAS 4370/6370)
  • Biogeochemical Cycles (EAS 4602/6122)
  • Isotope Geochemistry (EAS 6216-CR)
  • Instrumentation to Space Physics and Instrumentation (EAS 4360/6360)
  • Planetary Science Seminar (EAS 4801/8001-CP)
  • Remote Sensing of Earth & Planetary Surfaces (EAS 4803/8803-JW)
  • Earth System Evolution (EAS 4803/8803-CR)
  • History of Space Exploration (EAS 4803-HP/CP)
  • Earth and Planetary Materials (EAS 4803/8803-YT)
  • Ice-Ocean Moons and Planets (EAS 4803/8803-BS)
  • Origin of Planetary Systems (EAS 4803/8803-BS)
  • Team X Spacecraft Design (EAS 4803/8803-BS)
  • Seminal Papers in Astrobiology (EAS 8802-JW)


  • Why Things Happen, or Not (CHEM 1801)
  • Structure, Function, and Origins of Biological Macromolecules (CHEM 4803/8853-LW)
  • Analytical Instruments for Astrobiology (CHEM 4803/8803-AS)
  • Chemistry of the Origins and Early Evolution of Life (CHEM 4803/8803-NH)


  • Genetics (BIOL 2344)
  • Microbiology (BIOL 3380)
  • Origin of Complex Life: From Cells to Societies (BIOL 4803/8803-WR)

Literature, Media, and Communication

  • The Age of Scientific Discovery (LMC 3104)
  • Evolution and the Industrial Age (LMC 3112)
  • Science Fiction (LMC 3214)
  • Rhetoric of Technical Narratives (LMC 3408/6215)
  • Rhetoric of Nonlinear Documents (LMC 3410/6215)
  • Communicating Science and Technology to the Public (LMC3412/6215)


  • Visualization in the Scientific Revolution (HTS 2081)
  • Social and Cultural Perspectives on Technology & Science (HTS 8002)

International Affairs

  • Science, Technology, and International Affairs (INTA 8001)